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Get water and sewer line installation & water line repair services in Billings, MT

Are you building a new house, store or restaurant? Are you adding a new addition or starting a renovation project? No matter how big your project is, you can get the plumbing work you need from Precision Plumbing & Heating Inc.

Our plumber will take care of the water, gas and sewer line installation. We have experience with all kinds of residential and commercial properties and will make sure every faucet, fixture and drain in your building is connected. Hire our team of experienced plumbers for gas, water or sewer line installation services in Billings, MT.

3 signs you need repairs

3 signs you need repairs

Like anything else in your building, your plumbing system will eventually wear out. By scheduling repairs as soon as possible, you can help prevent additional damage to your property. Watch for these signs that you need sewer or water line repairs:

  1. There are soggy or especially green spots on your lawn
  2. Your water is discolored or gurgling in your drains
  3. You have low water pressure in your home or office
If you suspect you have a plumbing issue, we can help. Arrange for sewer and water line repairs by calling 406-655-9240 now.