Don't Suffer Through Another Freezing Shower

Schedule a new water heater installation in Billings, MT

Your water heater might appear to work perfectly fine, right up to the point when your relaxing, steamy shower turns into a freezing disaster. If your water heater breaks down, turn to Precision Plumbing & Heating Inc. We provide water heater installation services in Billings, MT and can replace your water heater with a new, functional unit.

You can choose from gas or electric options to suit your needs. If your water heater only has minor problems, we can also identify the issue and repair it. We'll make every effort to restore your hot water so you don't have to spend a fortune. Call our affordable plumber today for water heater services.

Consider going tankless

Consider going tankless

Tired of running out of hot water halfway through your day? With a tankless water heater installation, you'll enjoy endless hot water for your entire family. You'll also love that...

  • Tankless heaters are more efficient and can lower your utility bill
  • A tankless unit will last longer than traditional systems, saving you money and hassle down the road
  • Since they're smaller and more compact, you can install tankless water heaters in tight spaces
Updating your old system is as easy as hiring our affordable plumber. Make an appointment by calling 406-655-9240 today.